Distributed Big Data Assets Sharing & Processing.

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Session at 2017 GLOBAL SUMMIT Washington on Tuesday April 25, 15h00-16h00.

Name:                 Cees de Laat
Affiliation:          University of Amsterdam
Email:                 C.T.A.M.deLaat=>uva.nl
Name:                 Leon Gommans
Affiliation:          Air France KLM
Email:                 leon.gommans=>klm.com

Session Abstract:

In the era of big data, many use cases appear where data assets from different organizations provide value when combined and processed using algorithms from yet another organization. However, many organizations have concerns regarding the protection of its assets and therefore like to impose usage policies governing access and usage of their data and/or code. Aspects like data/code use policy, security and integrity are difficult to arrange and involve typically high level agreements and the organization of trust by administration and enforcement of rules.

Administering rules established by a collaborative group and terms of an agreement group members agree, allows group members to earn each others trust, not only at business level, but also enforcing it at the operational level and handling of possible disputes is an aspect we want to explore in this session.

We will feature speakers from use cases from science and industry and HPC centers on how they envisage their ability to support the notion of a trusted, well connected third party compute center. We will feature a panel with experts from NREN's and science-DMZ enabled campuses to foster joint research and proof of concept demonstrations of the presented ideas.


All slides shown in the session are concatenated in one pdf and can be found here: 20170425-delaat-datasharing.pdf

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